[devver] informal · /ˈdɛv(ə)r/

1. a software developer

"I need a devver to build me a website."

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What we can do for you

Web portals

Use a web portal to automate and/or better administer your company's activities. Endless possibilities with an application for all your employees.

Mobile apps

The versatility of apps is enormous. Use a tablet app to heighten your efficieny or use a smartphone app to better reach your customers.

Software Development

Professionally developed software to support your business processes: both online and offline.


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Our team

The following devvers are part of our team.

Rien Heuver

Founder / Devver

06 3176 7064

Wybren Kortstra

Founder / Devver

06 1474 2171

Milo Cesar



Ties Bolding



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