About us

chevron_rightAbout us

We are a spin-off company from the University of Twente that offers web and software solutions. This means that we help to solve problems with our custom made software. Our philosophy is that by working closely together and taking a look at the problem from multiple angles, we can create the best possible solution. We have done this throughout our previous projects and to the satisfaction of our customers.

The company was founded in May 2016 by Rien Heuver and Wybren Kortstra. A year after working closely together on the board of the study association for Computer Science and Business&IT of the University of Twente, we started working on our first project. This project became a success and we decided to keep cooperating and so started a company together.

chevron_rightWorking together

Every business has their own focal points and not one business is the same. That is why we cannot offer everyone the same solution. The work we deliver is specifically made for you. So to be able to advise on the product and to create the best solution, we need to know your business. But even though we know what you want or need, it could still be possible that along the way you might want to change something. That is why we would like to meet you regularly during the development process. With each iteration we gather feedback and adjust the product until it is exactly what you need.

chevron_rightArchitecture and security

Both architecture and security are very important to us. When creating a solution we want to create an architecture that is both flexible and simple. It should be flexible so we can extend or adapt it to match your business when it changes. We also want to do our work fast and keep the solution as simple as possible.

To make sure that all sensitive data is kept safe, we use robust, open-source technology. We combine this with our expert knowledge on security to ensure that our applications are safe at all times. Since our team consists of software technology and cyber security experts we have a broad skill set to be able to deliver on our promises.

chevron_rightQuality assurance

When your software solution is in production, you cannot afford to have it malfunctioning or being unavailable. Time is money and we understand this. Due to the iterative nature of software development, software bugs may be introduced along the way. To try and squash these, we run automated tests on our code before releasing it on production. However, automated tests cannot cover every scenario and the tests could contain errors. That is why we also have a testing environment where new versions of the software are released first. That way we can manually check if the software behaves as expected. After every stage has been successfully completed we deploy the new version to the production environment. In the unfortunate event that something is still misbehaving, we are on stand-by to resolve any problems as fast as we can.

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